Love Grows

After having a hard conversation with an expecting mother who received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, termination was determined over life. Sarah, Author of Love Grows, poured out her heart through the words in this book to shed light on this pivotal moment in which she hoped for a different outcome.
A poem written through the perspective of her unborn, almond, blue-eyed little boy is shared in hopes of encouraging other expecting parents who are facing similar fears. This book not only speaks to families who are impacted by the apprehensions associated with a prenatal diagnosis; but also those questioning “Will I love this baby as much as I love my first child?”
Sarah invites you into her own journey of overcoming fear through this short poem and impressionist style illustrations, inspired by her son and God’s unconditional love. Knowing that God cherishes every mosaic piece of us, each stroke is meant to represent the complexity of us as His own work of art and by His grace, we are all loved, valued and worthy–no exceptions.

Sarah Lowry


Wife, Mother of Two, Founder of Love that Surpasses Nonprofit, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner are the hats that I rotate wearing. Lover of coffee, chocolate brownie ice-cream, the Enneagram (7w6!), and being outdoors. My hope is that God speaks life into yours through His words used in this book.

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Megan Bouchillon


Artist, mom, wife, plant lady, thrifter, and the list goes on. I love the sunshine and jamming out to my favorite worship playlist! I’m especially passionate about sharing my vulnerabilities, shortcomings and victories as a daughter of the King. I hope that by reflecting on different seasons of my life and trying my best to reveal poignant truths about God’s grace through my art, it will bring others joy and hope.

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